Womans pleasure and swinging sex

Data were collected and maintained in an on-line data bank at Surveymonkey until the end of data collection. Extra-marital sex is usually an indication of marital problems and can, most often, bring about the dissolution of the relationship. Approximately two-thirds of the respondents were married or cohabiting, while the remainders were single, widowed, divorced, or other. Sexual satisfaction represents an equitable balance concerning the sexual aspects of the relationship. Some of you may be wondering just how many couples are swingers and into this kind of thing.

Celebrating the clitoral orgasm

Inside America’s secret swinging subculture

Individuals in the sample held varied occupations. Abramson and Pinkerton argued that although the pleasurable aspect of sexuality is overlooked, the procreative aspect is often overlooked as well in the heat of passion sometimes resulting in remorse and concern about unintended pregnancy. Of those contacted, three dating sites, one of theman international swingers' site, and twelve social clubs agreed to post the link to the survey on their Web pages or electronic newsletter. Thus, this study will provide much needed and valuable information by analyzing, and comparing, the marital and sexual satisfaction of male and female respondents. A t -test was conducted to compare the responses of men and women. About half the respondents were in their first marriage, one -fourth was in their second marriage, and the remainder of the respondents reported being married for the third time see Figure 5.

Inside America’s secret swinging subculture

The second cutting score is Swinging is a behavior that involves consensual extra-marital sexual relationships; however, it falls within the realm of marital non-monogamy, if not marital infidelity. Parties given by on-premises swing clubs may have from ten to sixty or more couples, though twenty to forty couples is the common average. When discussing swinging, one must consider the pleasurable aspect of sexuality. The swingers in this study embraced a variety of political affiliations and views, and no particular political position dominated.
How Many Swingers are Out There? Some of these individuals may be part of a couple where only one individual engages in swinging without the knowledge or consent of the other partner. Chapter III delineates the research methodology used in this study. McGinley on a life long quest to end such unjustifiable acts of discrimination. However, swinging could be construed as a crucible that forces the partners to come to terms with their feelings, their sexual desires, and each other through a process of differentiation and compromise. It was our first party, and there were too many guys…about

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