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Corporate Law

We can help you at the start of your business to select the right type of entity. For instance, you may want to operate as an S Corp or you may want to operate as an LLC. Selecting the proper entity involves several different considerations. You may also need to have shareholder agreements in place to determine how the owners of the business will decide to deal with situations involving such items as death, disability, divorce, expulsion, sale of shares and termination and dissolution.

In the operation of your business, it may be important to you to protect your intellectual property and trade secrets. We can help you design programs to accomplish your goals. We can advise you concerning covenants not to compete and employee handbooks. We can help you deal with sexual harassment controversies and prevention. We can help you in contract negotiations and give you advice if you are confronted with a breach of contract, and there are many other corporate law matters where we can help you.