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Arthur R. Baxter, Jr. has represented numerous individuals to obtain settlement for wrongful death, personal injury on job sites, auto accidents involving death or serious injury, and business litigation disputes. This section outlines some of these cases and includes details of the selected cases including how Mr. Baxter helped the individuals deal with their serious legal matters.

Arthur R. Baxter, Jr. can help you settle your cases or go to trial if necessary. If you would like more information about the cases listed here, please contact us or click the link provided. This will take you to an official document detailing the case and what the final judgment was.

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Loading Dock Injury:
Mr. Baxter was counsel for a truck driver who was injured at a loading dock. The truck driver inhaled toxic dust that had spilled at the loading dock, injuring his lungs. The case was resolved after depositions and defeating the defendant's motion for summary judgment.

Wrongful Death:
A factory worker was electrocuted when plugging a machine into a defective electrical outlet at his place of employment, killing the worker. Mr. Baxter obtained a recovery against the employer after successfully defeating the defendant's motion to dismiss.

Wrongful Death:
A maintenance worker was killed in an explosion caused when a co-worker cut into a pipe that was improperly labeled on blue prints. Mr. Baxter represented the worker's spouse who received a settlement of the case against the engineering firm that prepared the blue prints.

Covenant Not To Compete Upheld:
Mr. Baxter served as co-counsel at trial and on appeal of a case that involved enforcement of a covenant not to compete. In the case, the trial court ordered judgment in favor of Mr. Baxter's client in the amount of $467,885 plus interest and attorney fees. The Court of Appeals affirmed the decision. Here is a copy of the Court of Appeals decision.

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Auto Accidents:
Mr. Baxter has served as lead counsel in auto accident jury trials and has served as co-counsel in premises liability and insurance bad faith jury trials.